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viscose rayon fiber

PET Staple Fiber ¢º PET cotton mixed yarn ¢º
PET Filament ¢º PN(MICRO FIBER)¡ä
"Orange type Split Type Microfiber"
Quick absorb, antibacterial and antiodor properties by using 100% SILVIX¡¯s PN.
NCD is made of cationic polyester and nylon at a 7:3 ratio, and after processing it is an orange type split microfiber (0.25dpf) with a micro powdery touch due to its fine hairy.
viscose rayon fiber
- Stable, semi permanent antibacterial antiodor activity
- Soft and delicate micro powdery touch
- Enhance the absorption affinity by the capillary effect due to the narrow cleavage
- Washing machine safe, high color fastness and washing durability
- Profile Image of PN Before / After Splitting
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