non woven spunbond

We have developed antimicrobial non woven fabric for a cabin air filter by the support of Korean government R&D fund. It was certified antimicrobial function by KRIBB, KOTITI. They tested out its surface by KS method and also JIS method. We tested it for filtration efficiency of microorganism with Korea Institute of Construction Material compare to 3M antimicrobial cabin air filter. Amazingly it has 3~5 times efficiency more than compared samples with similar pressure drop rate. We assume the production cost of it is similar to 3M¡¯s.
Non woven fabrics for antimicrobial HEPA filter are just started to make prototype sample. It will be useful for reduction of many filters in air purification system. We hope they will be the first case for original antimicrobial filter as it is in this industry.
Water purification filter is just developed for American market by multi layered form. It is expected to filter dust, organic compound and sterilize microorganism by one process. It will be suitable for portable water purifier which is smaller and cheaper and stronger than under sink type.
We will upgrade antimicrobial non woven fabric by nanocomplex catalyst. It was started to develop deodorant carbon nano fiber web within Silvix¡¯s catalyst by support of Korean government R&D fund in consortium with Hyundai Automobile etc. It is expected to be useful for cabin air filter, safety mask, air purification filter, deodorant filter of home appliance. It will be big project.
non woven spunbond
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