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It's been almost two years since we embarked on a journey to commercialize our antibacterial nanocomposite technology. Since then, we've seen a wide range of interest from customers, partners and consumers, interest in antibacterial and antiviral products has never been higher! In response we have created this website to provide you in-depth information about our technology, products, and to address any questions you may have.

As viral outbreaks and strong strains of bacteria become more commonplace, the need for products with antimicrobial and
antibacterial properties has become imperative. With this in mind, we have focused on creating the next generation of medical and hygiene products, as well as other home goods. Our product and application development, centers around creating durable, safe and competitive nanocomposite technologies for medical & hygiene products, building materials, home goods, cleaners, and textiles. Through the integration of our technologies in new and existing products, we seek to control infectious diseases, mold and bacteria, and end the battle with germs while helping consumers to ensure their family's future health and wellness.

Our patented application process easily integrates into current manufacturing processes for a host of applications and materials, including polymers, plastics, textiles, coatings and adhesives. Whatever may be the need, Silvix is well positioned to meet demand, either in finished or raw products, all proudly manufactured in Korea.

The battle against germs and bacteria is daunting, but as germs and bacteria become more aggressive and more resistant, we must invest in and develop new technologies in order to conquer the spread of infectious disease.


Lee jeong hun

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