antimicrobial masterbatch

SAN-RIM : Slivix Antibacterial Nanocomposite - Resin for Injection Molding is a high concentration nanocomposite material designed for injection molding. It is a physicochemical compound of silver nano particles and polymer such as PP, HDPE, ABS, and PC, the ingredients for the injection molding. Under the injection molding pressure(up to several hundred tons), SAN-RIM is capable of inhibiting sintering of nano particles to enable mass production. Moreover, SAN-RIM is the first injection molding material that succeeded in solving the problem of the plummet in the surface antibacterial capability caused by fine grains that collapse at the surface after the injection molding.
antimicrobial masterbatch
This enabled many businesses to produce injection molding products on a reliable basis. Some small amount of SAN-RIM can be added to basic ingredients.
SAN-RIM is antibacterial plastic for injection molding.
- The resin, which is the ingredient for injection molding including PP, PE, PC, ABS, EPDM, AND NYLON, is fused with nano-sized silver particles and high molecules to become antibacterial.
SAN-RIM is flexible in the molding condition.
- It is subject to molding under the same condition as ordinary resin. The sterilizing effect is maintained even after the molding.
SAN-RIM has a strong sterilizing effect.
- The surface of the molding products kills off 99.9% germs and the antibacterial formula still maintained even in hot water or after being scratched.
SAN-RIM is safe.
- The resin was found to contain little hazardous substances. It can be safely adopted in food containers as a much smaller concentration of silver particles than the EPA recommendation is liquated.
- Adopted resin : PP, HDPE, ABS, PC, EPDM
- Adopted products : Kitchen utensils: bottles, airtight containers, dishes, trays, cups, spoons, chopping boards, and others
- Bathroom products : toothbrushes, toothbrush holders, soap holders, and others
- Living room products : cosmetic containers, garbage cans, and others
- Electronic products : refrigerators, water purifiers, washing machines, air purifiers, vacuum cleaners, air humidifiers and more
- Dry materials : sinks, flexible metal tubes, bidets, toilet covers, and more
- Baby products : toys, bottles, and more
- Medical products : medical devices, injectors, and more
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