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The sorptive catalyst that SILVIX developed by its own research, consists of mesoporous gas-absorbing material, inorganic antibacterial material, and inorganic deodorizing material. Antibacterial material and deodorizing material are embedded inside the mesoporous pores in the nanoparticles, so that it doesn¡¯t need a light to activate the catalyst and minimize the bad smell or the source of the microorganism¡¯s metabolites. It keeps absorbing the smell and catalyzes it. This SILVIX developed nanocomplex catalyst would give more durable deodorization power than activated carbon and can be used in indoor use even there is no UV light.
SILVIX NCC (Nanocomposite Catalyst) was designed for indoor environment purification. Recently indoor air were not clean by VOC : Volatile Organic Compounds, or other toxic gases from outside, yellow dusts, or pollens, etc. Especially VOC recently could be regulated by the automobile maker and the countries for their own benefits.
To absorb the organic material, porous material would be used like activated carbon.This absorbing material once absorbs the gases, however, reaches saturation point and releasing gases after that. Porous material could be used as the microorganism¡¯s growing media, followed worsen the indoor air condition. So the new catalyst should be used to decompose the gases and give antibacterial activity.
To decompose the organic compounds, titania would use. It is the light-catalyst needing UV light. Several Japan-based companies were leading this field and market size is about 100 billion dollar as we know. The disadvantage of light-catalyst is UV light dependency which make this powerful catalyst could not be used in indoor condition.
NCC overcomes the disadvantage of light-catalyst. SILVIX NCC was designed to show catalytic activity in dark, room temperature by inducing mutual chemical interactions through the nanomaterials. The tests were performed very carefully, showed good effects, and patent pended in 2007.
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