SAN-RSF : SILVIX Antibacterial Nanocomposite-Resin for Synthetic Fiber is high concentration antibacterial pellet that was designed to use for artificial fibers. This product was suitable for spinning process. It was tested in spinning process that fibers(less than several §­) were spinning in couple of hundred km speed, and gives homogeneous antibacterial activity without any kind of defects. After the fibers were treated with alkaline solution, dying, or other processing, antibacterial activity didn¡¯t change. This product can be used very small to the normal pellets.
SAN-RSF is antibacterial artificial fiber plastics.
- Source of artificial fibers, PET, NYLON, PP, etc. has nano size silver materials in it regularly and in stable.
SAN-RSF needs no specific spinning
- Normal spinning process can be adaptable to the resin and gives stable antibacterial activity.
SAN-RSF has highly active antibacterial power
- Antibacterial activity is above 99.99% on the surface of the fibers, even in dying process, alkaline process, 500 times ???washable process cannot make activity changed.
SAN-RSF is safe
- No detected harmful materials in the resin. No skin irritation effect and toxicity.
- Resins : PET, NYLON, PP, PE etc.
- Staple Fiber, Filament Yarn, Micro Fiber, Non Woven Fabric-SB, MB etc.
- Fashion ware : socks, underwear, sports ware, shirts
- Interiors : beddings, carpet
- Medical devices : nurse gown, sheet, curtain, operation sheet
- Nonwoven: artificial leather, cleaner, diaper, air filter, mask, water filter.
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